Monday, May 23, 2011

Yellow Field, feat. DaveG Photography

Hi there.
So, a photographer contact and now friend, Dave, of DaveG Photography and I were driving with our favorite model one day, and on the side of the freeway, we noticed a field of bright yellow flowers. We all said together, "I wish we could find a way to shoot there!", knowing getting to that field would be near impossible. But in the midst of Wilderness Month, we thought up all these ideas for concept, makeup, hair, wardrobe, and additional models.

Time goes by, Dave and I keep shooting at various outdoorsy locations together with some awesome people. Then one day, I get an email that says, "look, if we want to shoot at the yellow field, we should do it soon". Before you know it, the three of us are driving in my focus, asking local residents how to get to that field, climbing fences, and avoiding hundreds of bees just to get a few good shots of our beloved red headed model in that field surrounded by tiny yellow flowers. 

The two of them let me create a very different makeup look for this project, including white eyelashes. We later changed it to a more normal look, when we continued the shoot in Pomona. Dave gave us some great photos, and I even learned how to climb a fence that day. I must say, that Ashlee (our model) is the biggest trooper. She made that hike in a sundress and heels while the rest of us were in our comfortable hiking shoes. AND she delivered great photos!

Here's a preview. The rest will be uploaded on my website today (probably).

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