Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Wilderness Month

So, as an artist, I am constantly looking for new concepts and new pictures to add to my portfolio. As a result, I decided that April would be my "Test Shoot Month" and somehow that ended up to be "Wilderness Month"...by accident. Every photographer I linked up with was planning a shoot in the great outdoors. It started off calm, in a park, and then one was at a waterfall, and then the next was a really long uphilly hike, and then I found myself climbing rocks and walking knee deep in a moving river! Some great things came from April though! I got some great photos, learned how to climb a fence, made friends with a horse, and I can even identify the sound a rattlesnake makes when you are walking way too close for comfort. I will say that last month has helped me make large strides in my freelance business, like finally having the courage in my portfolio to  launch my website! 

Here's a behind the scenes photo from a shoot in the Altadena Mtns. This was my studio for the day. The models were so cooperative, and the photographer (DaveG Photography) actually helped me carry that box on the hike up and down the route. We took turns, but his turns were longer than mine.

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