Friday, July 22, 2011

Finding New Focus

Over the past two months, the trend in my business, and let's be honest, in my life, has been re-focusing my train of thought and my attention. Any artist will try to step out of their bounds to do and create new things that are out of their norm. In the world of makeup application, the same thing happens. While every artist develops a signature style, you constantly want to push yourself to think outside of the limits you usually stay within. Taking risks and trying new things can be intimidating, especially when you're on a job to please a client. This is why I firmly believe that anyone in this industry needs to have creative sessions. Whether it is a test shoot, a brainstorming day, a filled up sketch book, borrowing a friend's face to practice on, or styling your old doll head from beauty school. From these experiences, you can have mini "break throughs" and learn how to use your talent in different ways. It is key in becoming a better artist.

Apparently, this can also soothe your mind when going through a challenging situation. There have been a lot of changes in my life lately, some of which I had no control over. However, I must say, these situations do wonders for your personal growth and understanding. Once I was able to find new perspective and focus, I had new thoughts about the whole experience. That can only help myself and my business. So, to you fellow freelancers out there, I know its hard to not let life get in the way of your path, but if you keep going, you'll impress yourself with how strong you really are. 

Here's a photo from a recent "creative session" aka test shoot with a very talented photographer, Sylvia Gunde, and the lovely model Nicole Boyd. This was a super small break through moment for me, since I was able to use techniques that were not my usual go-to looks, and try some new things. 

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